Friday, December 23, 2011

Skylar's surgery...Recovery, Day 4

Each day Skylar seems to be getting better. Today she ate and drank a little better but she asked for medicine more and kept saying it hurt. That may be because she's on ibuprofen instead of Tylenol with Codeine but she was yesterday too and seemed fine so hopefully it's not hurting more. She did wake up at 4 am and cry for 15 min. saying it hurt but wouldn't take medicine, finally I calmed her down and she took it. It had been several hours since she'd had any, the other nights she had it at a good time. When I got home from work today she looked a little pale to me still but she is really active for the most part and is doing really well. The only thing that concerns me is her fluids, I don't think she's getting enough. Her stool has been hard the past couple days (yes I'm actually talking about that) so I need to get her to drink more. Probably should just give her more popsicles, she hasn't turned one down yet! My wonderful friend Karen gave us some cool popsicles today and she slurped one down quickly! Thanks Karen, that was very thoughtful of you! Everyone says there is a bad day between days 3 and 8 so we'll see. Maybe she'll skip that!!! Crossing fingers!
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