Friday, December 23, 2011

Biophotonic Scanner

Julie and I about to go meet our friend and Zumba instructor Nany to go get scanned for our antioxidant levels. I think these white chocolate pretzels will raise our score by a few thousand! ;) 
Here is a video from Dr. Oz explaining what antioxidants are and how they help your body fight cancer. He also explains how the Biophotonic Scanner works and what your levels should be. A healthy adult should have a level of 40,000 or higher, but your goal should be over 50,000. The average American adult is between 18,000-25,000. I was with Nany's sister who's from Brazil and she scored 30,000 and that is with a normal diet. Possibly because American soil is not as rich as soil from Brazil and possibly because American's just eat way unhealthy (I know I eat unhealthy).
Anyways, watch this video, it's pretty interesting.
Cancer Fighting Antioxidants, Pt 1 The Dr Oz Show

 The University of Utah invented the Biophotonic Scanner about 15 years ago to gauge the amount of antioxidants a person has in their system. The Nuskin store on Center St. in Provo now has one of these scanners. It only costs $5 to be scanned. They give you a pamphlet explaining more about the scan and your results. Nany can explain it nicely too.
I volunteered Julie to go first, :) here she is waiting to be scanned.
Julie being scanned, it only takes about a minute.
You just place your hand onto the scanner and it scans your antioxidant levels. I thought it was really cool and so interesting. I had no idea this existed...but then I had no idea about antioxidants either. They even have hand sanitizer that you apply before you put your hand on the Biophotonic Scanner.
Julie scored 12,000.You want to be in the blue.
My turn and I'm anxious to see what my score is because I just know I'm going to score something like 57,000 I'm such a healthy person and all that!
My very dry hand being scanned!
 Oh darn, sooooo close! I scored 25,000. I guess I better eat some more white chocolate covered pretzels! Haha! No seriously, I really need to eat more healthy, I'm really surprised it wasn't lower because I eat a lot of junk! I just got some awesome recipes from Nany that's I'm going to try. I'm going to try to eat healthier for 3 months and then get scanned again and see if there is a difference. After that I'm going to try some supplements and get scanned again. We'll see what the differences are.
Right now I'm wondering if mine is as high as it is because we eat so much fish...I really have no idea though, I'll have to ask Nany.
Luckily I don't think cancer runs in my family a lot because I'm probably a good candidate. I still need to get that number higher.
Factors that influence your score are:
  1. Your diet.
  2. Your supplementation.
  3. Your body fat.
  4. Your lifestyle.
  5. Your genes.
Nany has tons of information about this and recipes to share. She has done a lot of research on this and knows what she is talking about. She's giving me recipes and tips along the way. I just need to listen and actually follow her advice! My mom scored 12,000 and has been following her advice and she's losing weight and feeling much better. She was borderline diabetic and the doctor just told her she isn't anymore. :) YAY!
To contact Nany you can either call her at 801-885-2981 or find her on Facebook and message her.

Me, Nany & her son Eli, and Julie
Thanks Nany for introducing Julie and I to the world of Antioxidants and awesome recipes and information! It was pretty fun going and being scanned! Hopefully our results will be better in 3 months!

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