Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jingle Bell Jog

Can I just say I'm exhausted? I'm exhausted! So sore too! Woke up at 5:30 to get ready for the 5k, got all the kids ready and took Fisher and Skylar to my moms (Fisher decided not to run) and pick up Kylee. Got to the check in at 8:30 then waited in the cold.

Ready. Set. GO!

Levi, just getting ready to sprint. That was his style; he'd sprint for a little bit then go really slow. We kept telling him to pace himself and just try jogging slow the whole time. He was starting to understand that near the end, but that's also when he started getting bored.

Kadin and Kylee are up ahead now. Kadin kept getting ahead of us then running back to us. Finally I told him that since he knew where the finish line was that he could go on ahead. Kylee said she'd go ahead with him so they took off. Kylee's up there in the black and Kadin in the gray.

Right here is where they passed us after they turned around to head back toward the finish line. I barely got Kadin in the shot.

There they are after they passed us. Shortly after that Kadin took off and left Kylee alone.

Levi and I are halfway done. Levi was super happy about that!

Here's an example of Levi doing a sprint, then he'd go really slow.

Here is where Levi really gets bored. He first decides to take off his gloves and hat because he was hot. That is when I realized he had put Fisher's hat on underneath his own (no wonder he was hot). I told him to keep one hat on and his gloves on and that he'd be fine now.
Then he stopped and wanted to take his band-aid off his finger because it felt weird. I said no because then it would hurt which would be worse (he asked that 2 more times before the race was done). Then he decided to pull some branches off a tree and then write his name in the snow on the bench behind him on the left.

I reminded him that we were in a race and he looked back and saw that some people we had passed were gaining on us so he became focused again. We saw the finish line and sprinted the rest of the way. Kylee, Kadin and Matt's family and Santa and Mrs. Clause were there to cheer us on.

Here we are about to cross the finish line!

Kadin is so happy that he beat us all! Kadin's time was around 34 min. (which could have been much faster if he wasn't waiting for us). Kylee's was around 38 min. and mine and Levi's were around 42 min. Last year I did the Santa Run with Audrey and Amanda and got the same time and literally thought I was going to die! This year I could have done so much faster but wanted to stay with Levi. I felt really good after it was done. I believe I have Zumba (Julie for getting me into it and Michelle and Nany, the best Zumba instructors ever) to thank for that! I really want to do more 5k's! No longer though, not for a long time, if ever.

Here we are with Santa and Mrs. Clause!

Here is Matt's (Kylee's husband) family!

I forgot to take pics of our shoes with the jingle bells that we attached to them!
Oh and by the way, Kadin wants to do more 5k's,
Levi doesn't! I think they both did really awesome!!!!

After the 5k we went to Trafalga Fun Center, then to Kiani's birthday party, then to our family Christmas party, after that we went to see the lights at Temple Square. I'll put some of those pics on tomorrow or Monday. Off to bed I go!


  1. That is so awesome Kristi I am really proud of you, Ang and Tom ran some races when they were younger Ang and Mike did the Huntsman one also not that long ago so it is great fun if you're in shape that is love you and good joy you and Kylee and the kids love ya Sher

  2. Thanks Sher! It was really fun!