Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Detangling Spray

I got really tired of detangling spray that made my daughters hair look greasy and dirty and that didn't work very well, so I wanted to find a different and better kind. I've tried 3 different kinds that make it (and mine) look greasy and dirty AND they are expensive too. I found this Suave Kids Detangling Spray, it's hypoallergenic, tear free and alcohol free and they have different scents. I got double dutch apple and it smells really good.

Here is Skylar's tangled hair before trying to comb through it.

Here is Skylar's tangled hair after I TRIED to comb through it a little.
See the knots? I can't get past them
After spraying with Suave Kids Detangling Spray. It sure did it's job detangling!

See how smooth it looks?

Ok so it detangles good, but does it make her hair look dirty and greasy? NO!!! It doesn't, I love this product and will use it on her all the time. I decided to try it on my hair that's currently full of split ends and so long and thick it gets tangles really easily. I loved it for my hair too! It was a particularly knotty hair day after washing it and it brushed out so easily after I sprayed it on and my hair didn't look greasy and dirty either. More good news, it was only $1.88 at Walmart. I've spent between $4 and $8 dollars on different detangling products. Oh and I don't need to use near as much product either, saving me more money.

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