Thursday, December 22, 2011

Skylar's surgery...Recovery, Day 3

Today Skylar did so much better! First of all I decided to give up on the Tylenol w/ codeine and give her ibuprofen instead, she liked that much better and took it just fine, so she felt a lot better today. She ate a lot more than yesterday. For breakfast she had another big variety but wouldn't eat or drink any of it. All she'd eat was part of a candy cane, at least it kept her throat moist for a while. Then around 10:30 she asked for a hotdog so I cooked her one. She ate the whole thing (no bun). Then for lunch Kadin wanted to make mac n cheese so I let him. He gave Skylar some and she ate a pretty good amount. After lunch she had a popsicle, several small drinks of milk and Gatorade, another hotdog (she gave Mia half of it) and a little ice cream. For dinner she ate a few little smokies, a few bites of corn and half a croissant.
She wanted to be held a lot today, so all day long I heard, "I want a hug" (that's what she says when she wants to be held), which for the most part was fine with me. Hopefully each day gets better and better.
Skylar's surgery, Day 1
Skylar's surgery...Recovery, Day 2

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