Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Marlene & Fun at P.F. Chang's

Tonight I had dinner with some friends for Marlene's birthday! We went to P.F. Chang's which I haven't been to much so I got to try lots of new foods. My two favorite things were Mongolian Beef, tender flank steak wok-cooked then quickly tossed with scallions and garlic and second was Chang's Spicy Chicken, tender, diced chicken breast lightly dusted and stir-fried with a tangy sauce of sweet and spice. We all shared everything so we got to try a good variety. I normally would not have ordered Mongolian Beef because I prefer chicken or pork dishes and I normally wouldn't have ordered Chang's Spicy Chicken because I (in most cases) stay away from spicy. Those are my new favorite things from there and they made me want to go back! I am really upset with myself that I didn't get a picture of all of us and of our yummy food. I did however find some pictures online of my favorite dishes. The night was really fun and too short! I hope Marlene enjoyed the little shindig as much as she enjoyed staring at her birthday card! I had a great time and wish we could do things like that more often!
Mongolian Beef, I loved the sweet flavor!

Chang's Spicy Chicken,
with the perfect amount of spice!


  1. Try their happy hour sometime! They have awesome lettuce wraps and their ribs are amazing. If I'm not getting my restaurants mixed up (I order calamari almost everywhere :D) stay away from their salt & pepper calamari, not up to par with many other restaurants.

    PFC's chicken dishes are amazing. Most of the restaurants bread a lot of the chicken recipes to hide all the crappy cuts they use. Anything with both breading and sauce is off my radar.

  2. Thanks for the tips John, I do love their lettuce wraps, in fact I have the recipe but it's complicated to make so I don't do it often!! I haven't tried their ribs yet, maybe that will have to be next time.