Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recovery, Day 2

 Today we had a really hard time getting Skylar to eat or drink anything. As you can see she had a nice selection of foods for breakfast this morning. She begged and begged for cereal which she had 1 bite of and decided that mom was right when she said it would hurt so she didn't eat anymore. She had a couple bites of yogurt and a couple of sherbet ice cream and a swallow of Capri Sun.
I really hope she doesn't expect this kind of selection after she's better. I'm the kind of person that says "this is what we're eating, you eat this or don't eat."
She acted pretty normal today, even felt good enough to put some stickers on Mia.
 She did have 3 short 45 min naps. This was her first, right after her bath.
 Here she managed to open up her antibiotics (that's the only medicine she wants) while I was getting her pain medicine (which she refused all day, finally I'd have to force her to take it) :(
So much for childproof lids huh? Hopefully she doesn't remember how she did it.
See the spots all over her pajamas? That's her Tylenol w/ Codeine I had to force her to swallow after she spit some out, it got all over in her hair, her pajamas and my pants.
She didn't eat or drink much the whole day. She threw a fit a couple times when I tried to give her a Capri Sun I had frozen so it was a slushie. It was actually pretty good, when she saw me eating it she decided she wanted it and ate a couple bites. I've got to get her eating and drinking, mostly drinking so she doesn't get dehydrated.

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