Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 To Do List

This year I'm trying something new. I decided to go through each room in my house and write down what needed work or I wanted worked on in each room. WOW the list is way longer than I imagined, and I didn't realize how many holes we had in our walls, most our small but still...I guess that's what happens when you have 3 very active boys and lots of active male cousins. Maybe if I have it on here for everyone to see I'll want to work on it more, I plan to work on it throughout the year and if I don't finish it all I don't, but at least I know what I want done in each room. Hmm maybe I should post my 2012 goals for everyone too see too. It's quite the list, I'm really not a goal maker but this year I've gone all out. Anyways, here's the list.

  • Front Room
    • Fix couch cusions
    • Get a new window
    • Put up decor I've never put up
    • Install light switches and outlets to match room
    • Oil door so it doesn't squeek
    • Clean Carpet
  • Kitchen
    • Get a new pantry door
    • Get or make a new frame for pic
    • Patch hole in wall (made by a little bouncy ball! Seriously!) and repaint
    • Touch up black paint
    • Attempt to paint fridge
    • Organize pantry
    • Organize recipes
    • Get a garbage can for recycling and recycle
    • Deep clean and scrub floor
  • Bathroom
    • Hang new shelf
    • Get accessories for new shelf
    • Have LeRoy put in new flooring
    • Get a new light cover (it cracked in half when I was CAREFULLY washing it)
    • Get a new bathtub or attempt to paint old one
    • Sand and refinish mirror and towel holder with a darker color
    • Get a new sink and counter
    • Remove and re-caulk walls around shower
    • Label baskets
  • Tupperware Room (also currently Levi's room)
    • Take care of warranties
    • Organize Tupperware
    • Have it take up less room
  • Hallway
    • Paint and hang coat hooks
    • Get rid of unwanted coats
    • Create some sort of storage for winter gear
    • Hang some photos
    • Clean carpet 
  • Levi's Room
    • Move Levi our and Fisher in
    • Patch up wall Levi's destroyed by peeling paint off!
    • Hang Fisher's sports pics and other photos he wants
    • Get a new door
    • Get blinds
    • Wash curtains
    • Clean carpet
  • Fisher and Skylar's Room
    • Move Fisher out and Kadin for good (he has his own room but won't sleep in it)
    • Organize Skylar's clothes and get rid of old
    • Patch up wall where all kids have peeled off paint!
    • Paint and move in Skylar's new bed
    • Get blinds and cute curtains
    • Paint Skylar's room all girly
    • Clean carpet
  • Mine and Kerby's Room
    • Get rid of unwanted clothes and shoes, if not sure flip hangers for 1 year then get rid of what's still flipped
    • Remove clutter and find places for everything
    • Organize book shelf and get rid of unwanted books and stuff
    • Paint shelving for clothes
    • Hang pics
    • Get blinds
    • Make PVC shelves for crates
    • Fix garage door so opener works
    • Make room for a car
  •  Stairs
    • Deep clean baseboards
    • Remove or repaint railing
    • Clean carpet
  • Laundry Room/Storage Room
    • Organize shelves
    • Have everything ON a shelf
    • Keep clothes washed and folded
    • Re-stock shelf reliance can shelf
  • Hallway
    • Deep clean baseboards
    • Clean carpet
    • Patch small hole
    • Organize linen closet...yet again!
    • Get rid of unwanted blankets...if any
    • Get a door, there currently isn't one
  • Bathroom
    • Deep clean baseboards
    • Re-caulk around bathtub
    • Fix huge corroded from water damage spot on wall
  • Spare Room
    • Deep clean baseboards
    • Get new carpet instead of office looking carpet or at least clean again
    • Organize hunting stuff
    • Rearrange furniture
    • Get blinds
  • Kadin's Room
    • Move Levi in with Kadin
    • Get blinds
    • Hang sports pics and any others they want
    • Remove toys and stuff that aren't theirs
    • Rearrange furniture
    • Clean carpet
    • Organize and get rid of clothes
    • Remove or get TV and VCR working
    • Get an alarm clock
  • Family Room
    • Get blinds
    • Deep clean baseboards and walls
    • Organize and get rid of videos and DVD's
    • Declutter
    • Organize and get rid of games and puzzles
    • Attempt to paint couch
    • Keep clothes folded and not piled in there
    • Replace broken light covers
    • Hang pictures
    • Hide computer and internet wires better 
    • Organize computer desk, throw away unneeded papers
    • Fix drawer to computer desk
  • Outside
    • Paint outside of house
    • Keep up (instead of kill) a small flower bed
    • Have a big garden this year
    • Trim bush around tree
    • Heal or plant new peach trees


    1. It sounds like you're going to be very busy! If you even accomplish a small part of that list you've accomplished a lot!

    2. Always do your room first, of course I have not done that yet, but they say, do your repaires and painting on your own room first, make your bedroom a place to relax and sleep well. My room is my next room to fix-up.

    3. That's a good idea Caryl, especially since my room is where I put things that I don't know where else to put. I put them in crates or boxes and line them along the wall. This list though I won't necessarily do one room at a time, just different things in each room. Whatever I feel like working on that week.

    4. I see a common theme.....blinds....I'd start with YOUR bedroom too. :)

    5. Yes there is a common theme, I have curtains in all those rooms but I want blinds everywhere too or instead. Man I guess I better start with my room, that way when I do all these other things I'll have somewhere to put the stuff I don't know where to put. Haha! ;)
      I just added an outside section.

    6. Quite the list Kristi, I think it's a good idea that you made your list. It keeps you thinking about it and if you even only choose one thing everyday, it will slowly get done. You are inspiring!

    7. Thanks I'm hoping to accomplish at least one thing a week.