Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organize Your Computer Cords....or your whole desk

Oh the things we'll do when we don't have time to do them yet find ourselves making time because we have to get it done, usually for me that's because I need to find in this case.
Looks like this is where I get to start my to do list Everything Kristi!: 2012 To Do List off. I need a flash drive TODAY and I can't find it anywhere and I just have a feeling it's on this desk even though I had planned to put it in our safe. So, the search begins. First of all I'm very embarrassed to be showing you this disaster but here it is and it will be gone shortly! So much paper work, I can't stand paper work, I really need a good system (and to be less lazy). Lot's of paper on this desk!
Going to watch some Fear Factor while I sort through it all.
 Looky what I found. A little love letter to a girl in Levi's class at school. Should I open it?
 Ugh gagging moment while watching this part of Fear Factor!
 My attempt at organization helped a little but after a while I got to where I'd just put things in or on it that shouldn't have been put there.
Much better! Now, I'm not sure what to do with this, it takes up too much room on here.
AHA! I found it! FINALLY! Now I can stop cleaning this up!
Haha! Just kidding, I'll finish! Time to tackle the top!
 Looking much better and I'm feeling much better.
 Now time to put away, not sure what to do with most of it.
 Oops forgot about the keyboard down here, someday soon I'm going to start Levi doing piano lessons on it. I need to find a better place for it, because this is NOT a good spot.
 Hmmm, how about up here, out of the reach of small children seeking to destroy things. Then when we need it each day we'll pull it down. We'll see how that works.
Now what to do with all the wires? I'm tired of tangled wires from the phone charger, head phones, iPod cord, camera cord and everything. So, here's the solution...I hope.
Watch and learn because I really think this will work out really good.

I saw this on pinterest and want to try it, I got some 1 1/4 in. binder clips.  Squeeze the wires together so you can remove the metal.
 Like this.
 String the wire or wires through (I'm wishing now that I'm done that I just put all the wires in one or at least more than one in some.) and put the metal back on then place where you want it.
 Now the wires can't get tangled up.
 I placed them on both sides of my computer.
 Awe so much more peaceful. I've decided though that I really need to find the shelf that I can put above where the computer is and utilize it by hooking the wires to it and placing all the things with wires up there instead. Then I can use the space where I've got them right now for other things. So, I won't quite check the wires off my list but for now it's going to work and is way better than before. You can check "organize computer desk and get rid of unwanted papers" off my list!


  1. I love Fear Factor and I love this idea. Thank you! Where did you find those clips and how much were they?

  2. very interesting great idea. I hate all the wires too. Can't wait until organize mom's house gets done on your list!

  3. Oh you wish mom.
    @Anonymous, they were 1.27 a box.