Friday, January 6, 2012

New Exercises For My Neck

Ok so my neck has been hurting on and off for years and if I do any kind of physical activity it stiffens up really bad and quickly or if I'm shivering from cold it stiffens up. So, I've decided to finally try and do something about it. My mother in-law bought this book "Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue and Roger Gittines. The book has helped her and some other family members get rid of some of their chronic pain. She's been trying to get me to read it and try the exercises and was finally able to convince me. So I started this morning and have to say they were harder than I thought they would be. I've done some of them once or twice but never all of them together. Ouch my calves and back were hurting, but I believe this will be a good thing. I'm hoping that these exercises will not only help my stiff neck but my back and hips and knees as well. Whatever it helps I'll be so happy and then I'll start exercises to fix the next pain in my body. These exercises get rid of the pain by basically putting your body parts back into the correct position. These particular exercises are for my specific neck problem. So, we'll see how this goes and of course I'll keep you updated. What I've read so far from the book has been very interesting and I had no idea the body, especially the neck and hips had so much to do with pains for so many body parts. Anyways, I better stop trying to explain and seem like I know what I'm talking about because I really don't and I don't want to give you wrong information because there is a lot of it. I recommend this book, he has many others too, even if it helps you get rid of one pain going on in your body. Well, I'll keep you posted. These are the exercises I'm doing for now.

This is called the the Static Back.  Lie on your back with both legs bent at right angles on a chair or block or something. Rest your hands on your stomach or the floor below shoulder level, with palms up. Let the back settle into the floor. Breath from your stomach, let your abdominal muscles rise and fall.  For my specific problem I need to hold this position for 5 minutes.

Here's the link to book on Amazon if you're interested.

This is the Gravity Drop. Wear rubber sole shoes so you don't slip. Stand on a step or stair with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. With one hand hold onto something for support. Edge back until more than half your feet are hanging off. Let your weight press down, don't bend your knees. I hold this position for 3 minutes.
For me this is where things started to hurt, this hurt my calves a little bit holding it for so long but it wasn't bad compared to the next two positions.
Wow, this picture makes me look short!

This is the Static Wall. Put your bum and legs as close to the wall as possible with your legs hip width apart. Tighten your thighs, flex your feet and toes back toward the floor. Relax your upper body. I do this for 3-5 minutes.
Oh my, I could not wait for this to be over! I'm really hoping that each time I do this it will get easier, I can totally tell which muscles I don't use often enough. This hurt my calves so bad and my back was burning, in fact it's 14 hours later and my back muscles still burn. It's all for the greater good right?

This is Sitting Floor. Sit against the wall with legs out in front. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold.Do not elevate shoulders. Tighten your thighs and flex feet so toes are pointing toward you. Keep your arms at your sides or relaxed on your thighs. I hold this position for 3 to 5 minutes.
This one was really hard to hold too so I only held 3 min. Man it hurt my calves. I don't know why I'm smiling, I should have showed you my real "pained" face. Haha! Ok, so I'm really hoping these are worth it! They've just got to be! They WILL be!

This last one is called Frog. Lie on your back, pull your feet toward the torso and put the soles of your feet together, letting your knees turn out. Make sure your feet are centered in the middle of the body. The low back does not have to be flat on the floor, but you should not feel pain in your back. Don't press down on your knees, just relax. You just want a comfortable stretch in the inner thighs and groin. I hold for 1 minute.
This one I could have held longer, it didn't bother me at all, sure it wasn't comfortable and without a little pain but I'd take this for 20 min. over the previous two for 5. Haha, ok maybe not but it wasn't bad. Ok well wish me luck and determination to actually stick to this! Actually, the fact that I posted this on here for all of you to see gives me determination. I have to report back!
The whole routine takes 15- 21 min. I can do that right?
Goodbye neck pain....


  1. Looks interesting Kristi, I will have to try some too!

  2. Yes you should really try them. They need to be specific to your pains though.