Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I think this is so hilarious and keep forgetting to post it but I finally am. Maren is telling us a funny blog story and we're all cracking up, especially Tina. Oh and this isn't the only video, just the best one you can see and hear. She was laughing so hard, half the time we were all laughing because she was laughing. She had no idea I was recording, I wish I had even a better video because she was being so hilarious!
If you're interested and haven't already read it, this is what Maren was reading to us, so hilarious!!


  1. Is that your sister? That's funny, I love her laugh.

  2. Tina's laugh has always been contagious, and the story Maren was telling is hilarious.

  3. Well, I wanted to reread Maren's story and laughed all over again, I also went to Eli's fake blog, which is also hilarious. I then found where Eli has told a story on The Porch. It is quite funny too so you need to clik on this link to listen. I tried to download it, but that didn't work so just listen to it. Enjoy! http://utahporch.org/eli-mccann-late-night-surgery