Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ice Balloon Writing

Today I let the kids write in the snow with the Ice Balloon Crystals we made. Well, it didn't work. I totally thought it would but apparently the snow is too cold to even show the color. Fisher gave it a good try and even wrote his name, I don't even think he realized I was wanting color in the snow and that's ok because he enjoyed it. The other boys just ended up throw them around and Skylar didn't want to hold them for longer than so I could snap a picture. They had fun but like me they were disappointed, I really thought that would work! Oh well, they had fun! Now they can be a fun decoration in the back yard till they melt. 
Levi got a little bit to show after letting it sit for a while.
Oh ya we wore gloves (yes I tried it too) since they melt so fast in your hand and your hands get really messy.

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