Saturday, January 14, 2012

Once Upon A Time

My friend Julie has been telling me I need to watch this new series called Once Upon A Time on ABC. So, I started watching it and I really enjoyed it. It's about fairy tale characters who are trapped between the real world and the fairy tale world. It's so interesting. I've already watched 2 episodes and don't want to stop but need to! All I can say is I'm not looking forward to when I catch up and have to wait each week for the new episode.  Below is the link to watch the pilot episode.
Once Upon A Time Episode 1


  1. I is an awesome show! My whole family loves it!

  2. well it looks differnt, I might could get interested. I really like the prince he fits the part. Snow white was okay, I liked her in other movies, although I can'the names, the one I liked her in was the one where she cheats with her best friends fiancee, the one I didn't like her in I can't remember. You should watch vampire diaries, I am waiting until next September to watch the new ones. it sucks. (can moms say that?)