Thursday, January 5, 2012

New hair-do. Elastic bands

First of all some new things that I try take more than a day to complete and post so that I have a good, full review and story to tell.
I put Skylar's hair in elastic bands because I'd heard that this style would hold in their hair for a long time without you redoing their hair, then I saw a little girl with her hair like this and decided to try it. It didn't turn out how I wanted it, I think I need to be faster at it so Skylar doesn't get upset and bored. She was ready to be done after I'd put the first 5 elastics in. I need to do it more and then it will look better, although I think it still looks really cute. I'm not even sure I did it right, I just sort of made it up as I went.
Start by putting just a little of the front of her hair in an elastic hair band.
 Then take the section below that and split it in two or three (I did 3). Then take the section already in the elastic and split it into 3 and put each of those sections with the three lower sections.
 You can tell by the picture if my words aren't making sense. After doing that continue and do the same with the lower section either splitting the hair into two or three sections and hooking them together.
 This is the last section she let me do on the first day. See how there's one section left that's not attached to another section, now I need to grab another section and attach them.
 This was the end result for day one, she just wouldn't let me do anymore so she wore her hair like this for two days.
 It actually looked really cute, just the two ends poking out bugged me a little bit but everyone really liked it.
Day three I finished it, the front still looked good, just a little fuzzy so I just sprayed some hairspray on it and patted it down. I took the 9 sections I had and put them into their groups of three. Then I put each group of three into it's own elastic band (I didn't part her hair very well).
 You can then leave it like this as well but I decided to finish it off.
 Just put the three sections into one elastic band. The result is really cute and last for a long time. She wore it like this for two days, she still had her baths I just didn't wash her hair. I might have kept it in longer but her hair got caught on a button and some of it came out so I took it out.
 I had Landon that day and decided to see how he'd look with his hair pulled up. Haha!
He was not happy about it at first!
 Then Skylar told him he looked so pretty and he got a huge grin.
 I tell ya he sure didn't like me putting them in! Don't worry, I took them out right after I snapped this photo. Sorry Tina and Jason. HAHAHAHA!
This is Skylar with her hair-do in her new dress I bought on sale after Christmas. I had to take this with my phone because my camera was missing in action....again. I didn't realize you couldn't really see her hair. Although you can see it's pretty fuzzy, I sprayed a little hairspray on it after that and it was a little better.


  1. Do you remember when I used to do that to you and your sisters hair? You did a great job. Skylar and Landon looked cute and adorable!

  2. No I don't but I remember Carrie doing it to Somer and Madison's.