Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Day

 I know this is really late to be posting these but I just keep forgetting to finish, there are so many pictures I wanted to put on it just kept taking forever so I'd post a few at a time, then I forgot to finish up. Anyways here are some pics of Christmas morning. Once again sorry the video is so dark, it was still dark outside and my front room is dark so it makes a dark video with my digital camera. Levi woke up at 3 a.m. and woke up Kadin and Fisher, they all crept into the kitchen to see what time is was, then Kadin decided it was too early to try to wake us up so he told them to go back to bed. Good thing too because Mrs. Claus was still downstairs wrapping since she hadn't wrapped a single present.

The kids stockings.
 Kerby's and mine. Oh and the dogs lol
 Here they come at 7 a.m. ready to shove dad away to get in and see everything.

 Gramps and Grammy gave them all slippers which they all put on immediately. Skylar also got pajamas from them and she had to switch out of her other pajamas and into them. It was pretty cute how excited she got about them.
 Some shades from Fisher.
 A little excited about his throw net to catch bugs and stuff.
 Time to dig into the presents from Santa. Santa has never left his bag filled with the presents before so the kids were just positive that our house must have been his last stop.
 Starting to climb inside.
 Kadin inside.
She hates the pony. :( No, not really she just didn't want to wait and let me get a picture. She couldn't wait to get it opened and play with it.
 Time to blow dry daddy's hair.
 Mia got some dog treats and a ball that she completely ignores. 
How do you get your dog to like toys or balls you give them?
 Skylar wearing her new pretty dress to church.
That night we went to my parents house and swapped presents.
 Skylar's dress and Kendyl's doll have matching dresses now.
Great Grandpa Jensen holding Mason for the first time.




 OH grandmas favorite movie on DVD. I think it was Sense and Sensibility.
Grandma, Brooke and Biggie sleeping.


  1. Oh my heck, when did you take that photo? Jeez!