Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kadin's Top Cub Scout Achievement

Today I got to witness Kadin receive his All 20 plaque. This achievement is the highest achievement a cub scout can earn. He completed all the achievements a Webelo can complete. Normally Webelos have 2 years to complete this but in the LDS church we do it in a year. I'm so proud of Kadin, first of all that he completed it but most of all that he really wanted it so he made it happen. Great job Kadin!

This is Eileen Lisonbee from the district, she presented the plaque to him. Then Kadin's friend Tregan Palmer and Kadin .
 This is Shannon Mangum, Tregan and Kadin's Webelo leader.
 This is Karen Evans, Kadin and Kathy Losee. Karen and Kathy were Kadin's Webelo leader until recently, so they did most of the activities with Kadin.
 The boys and their moms. 
 Just Kadin and I. You're such a good kid Kadin! You worked really hard!
Thanks to everyone who helped him achieve this, he's really excited and happy he got it done.


  1. That is awesome Kadin! What a great kid you have there Kristi:)

  2. Way to go Kadin, we are very proud of you!