Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My knees hurt

 After hanging upside down for less than a min. on the inversion stretch table 5 weeks and 3 days ago my knees are finally hurting. Wow, I say that like it's a good thing huh? I just mean that I think it's pretty cool that could make them not hurt for so long. I knew it was coming soon because at Zumba recently every time we'd do squats or some sort they'd really feel like that were being pulled and pushed to their limits and they'd feel uncomfortable but not really hurt. Now they hurt. I feel like I need to soak in the tub to make them feel better (that's my remedy for everything). Right now I can't buy an inversion table. So, now it's really time to do the exercises my mother in-law suggested for my neck (which is really stiff) and back and go from there and see if my knees need specific exercise, I really feel I need to focus on my neck first. I've done the exercises a couple times but really need to do them every day. Of course I'll keep you posted on that!
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