Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lodge Skillet

Today I finally tried out the 12 in. Lodge Skillet Kerby's parents gave us for Christmas. Kerby had sat it clear up on top of our cupboards and said we'd need to season it, so I left it up there and would glance at it once in a while and think to myself that I should just do it. Today, I decided to actually do it so we could finally use it. Well, when I pulled it down to do it it said it was seasoned and ready to use. Well, then I decided to just use it. First of all these pans are like dutch ovens. The non-stick coating can't come off and the more you use it the better it gets. This should last me forever, and then my kids can fight over who gets it when I die. ;)
 So nice and new looking, I love new things. If I take care of it though it can always look really good.
Mmmm. I finally get to use the handle hot pad she bought me from Hawaii years ago. The food cooked in it very nicely and it says it will get better the more it's used.
 To clean it and keep it seasoned you just heat vegetable oil in it and wipe it down, if needed you can even scour it with a scouring pad! I can even use metal utensils in it if I want. I don't own any because I've never had anything I could use them on, now I do!
Thanks Kerry and Nancy for the great gift! I'm pretty sure I'll use it daily now!!

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