Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fixing Scratched DVD's...Didn't Work!

So, I heard of this idea on Pinterest and just had to try it, my kids were watching Brother Bear the other day and it kept stopping and skipping so I decided now would be a great time to try this. I followed Samantha's instructions here: Getting your scratched DVD's to work again
I tried this 3 times on one movie, each time thinking maybe I didn't put enough pressure onto it so I would apply a little more, I still never applied much. After 3 attempts I still could not get it to work, in fact each time the DVD got worse. It stops and skips way more now and looks more scratched; I know I've gotten all the toothpaste off each time. Maybe I need to try a different movie, but do I dare. This was definitely worth a try since a tube of this toothpaste is $1 at the Family Dollar but movies are so much more. Thanks for the idea Samantha, maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Anyways here are some pics, even though it didn't work for me. lol I did just notice that she did that tutorial in 2008, maybe the toothpaste has changed since then. The box still looks the same.
 See all the scratches?
 Apply a few sections of toothpaste.
 Spread around with your fingers.
 Rub the toothpaste into the disc somewhat firmly until it's too dry to rub anymore.
 Run under warm water till toothpaste is gone.
 Gently wipe dry with a clean towel.
 This is after 3 tries, I think there are more scratches.
Does anyone know any other inexpensive way to fix these?

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  1. Keep us updated if you find a method that works.