Thursday, January 12, 2012

Neck Exercises, how's it going?

Remember the exercises I started doing for my neck? Everything Kristi!: New Exercises For My Neck
Well, it's been a week since I started and I wanted to give you a quick update.

Day 1: hard and painful on my back and especially calves
Day 2: harder and more painful, especially calves, still sore back from day 1
Day 3: easier and less painful but still sore back from days 1 & 2
Day 4: missed, and back a little sore
Day 5: missed, all other days and today nothing to really test my neck pain out.
Day 6: calves hurt, back didn’t hurt till done…was hard. Was out in the freezing cold a little, SO far my neck isn't hurting or stiff.
Day 7: calves still hurt during, especially left one, back didn’t hurt till done but very mild, still hard to do because of pain in my calves, hard to hold some of the positions. Here's the ultimate test, Zumba! Driving to Zumba my neck was stiff and sore but didn’t last very long. The left side of my back down my spine was sore too and felt like it needed to pop so I squeezed my shoulder blades together and it popped right there. That felt good but the sensation that it needed to pop was still there. At zumba my neck got sore and stiff but not as quickly and it didn’t last the whole time it was only a short time and listen to this…the left side of my neck only hurt about half the amount of time as the right side, the left happens to be the side that my back popped! So, I believe that something is happening with these exercises, I just hope that it’s the right thing. I’m thinking it is!!! Oh ya and guess what else, my knees didn't hurt near as bad either!!! Some of the knee exercises are the same as the neck ones.
Everything Kristi!: New Exercises For My Neck

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