Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain-x De-Icer

Have you ever tried Rain-x De-Icer before? If not you need to! I got it last spring for .50 cents and tried it on my windshield today. I really like it! Why have I been scraping windshields? Ok, so I don't know how well it would work on very thick ice but Kerby's used it on pretty thick and says it works you just have to wait longer and maybe spray it more.
Here's my icy windshield. I had forgotten to warm it up this morning and had to hurry so I could get my kids to school.
 This is after I sprayed it with 4 sprays. It says to spray and leave on for 30 seconds but I didn't even need to wait, I could see it melt right when I sprayed it, with thicker ice you'd have to wait a little bit.
 This is after I turned on my wipers. It worked!!! Well worth the .50 cents. I'm so glad I bought 2 bottles, 1 for each car.
I totally recommend this product! Especially when you're in a hurry (which is almost always me)!
Next time I have thick ice I'll get a picture of it and put on here to update this.


  1. I want some of that!! I have always wondered if it really worked:)

  2. Wow thanks for posting this kristi, I will have to get me some.

    1. Yes you should because it's worth it.