Friday, January 20, 2012

Ice Balloon Crystals

The other day I saw this really cute idea here and wanted to try it! So, here is my fun experience. First of all the balloons she used were much bigger and I think that's why her food coloring had time to separate, or maybe that's just because of the type of food coloring she had. I don't know but they didn't separate for me. Maybe I should get some big balloons and try at least one and see what it does. Anyways I think it was really fun and the kids thought it was too, afterward they wanted to eat them and throw them which sounded too dangerous to me!
I do think I'll have them draw in the snow with them next time it snows though. Oh I guess we still have snow in the back yard.

Put 2 or 3 drops of food coloring into the balloon, then fill with water and tie. I'll be honest here, it was messy at times. Especially when the balloon broke when it had red food coloring in it, I should have taken a picture because my walls, sink, hands and counter were all red. One of the kids came in after hearing me give a loud squeak because of it popping and they thought it was blood.

Balloons all filled!
I put them on plastic bags too so they'd be on something a little soft and maybe roll less.

In our back yard on top of the pretty snow.
The next morning I stuck them in the freezer because they weren't even attempting to freeze after being out all night. Too warm. :( Also the dark purple one had a leak in it so I tossed it. Didn't want it popping in my freezer.

They froze! The next morning I checked and they were frozen.
This is so cool to peel them. Sometimes when you'd scrape it half the thing would automatically slide off just by making a tiny hole. A little messy though because the ice is melting quickly in your hands.

Kadin takes a 
turn, he says "it's really weird."

 Levi says, "that's AWESOME!"


Fisher asks, "can I eat it?" I said, "no, they're not sweet." He says, "why didn't you pour sugar in them?"
Skylar says, "YAY! Popcicles. Ooh ooh ooh it's too cold." 
I guess I could make popcicles like this but I don't think they'd taste that great, especially at first with the balloon flavor on the outside. Who knows that might even be throughout all of it. All I'd have to do is add Kool-Aid. Still sounds gross!

Here's a little video of me peeling one, kinda fun!

Kind of a fun decoration outside. Too bad it's like Spring around here and too warm.

think they're
really neat and pretty!

I think they'd make fun centerpieces for some parties. A bowl full wold be really pretty.

All together.

The only clear one I did. See how small they are, I think the other lady did a lot bigger balloons which would be fun too. Can you imagine one of those popping if you were filling it in your bathroom or kitchen sink? YIKES!
So pretty!
And now they're sitting back inside my freezer so they don't melt. Hopefully we'll have a few cold days and nights soon. Wow, I never thought I'd wish for that!!!!!!!

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  1. That looks like you guys had fun with the baloons.