Monday, January 23, 2012

Animal Balloons

Today after work I wanted to do something with the kids since it was Levi's actual birthday and I was gone all day at work. So, I remembered I had bought this Twisty Balloon Kit from Wal-Mart for $5 and decided we would do those. Of course the kids were super excited.
This is the kit we bought. It comes with 20 balloons and instructions for 10 animals. I found it in the party section by the pinatas.
 Here's Levi blowing up his balloon.
 Skylar and I blowing up ours.
 Levi's trying to make a parrot and Kerby is helping Fisher make a giraffe.
 My first attempt at an elephant before one of the ears popped and I discovered it wasn't near long enough.
  Here's Skylar trying to blow up a balloon, it kept coming off the thing and blowing into the air. This is the first time it did it, you can see that she barely has hold of it while it's headed into the air. Look close at her face, you can tell her eyes are wide open.
 Levi discovered it you stretch it, it makes it a lot longer. Don't know why I didn't think of that, AND I don't know why they didn't have that tip in the kit because it's crucial to the making of your animal to have the balloon long enough. After much frustration and whining Levi and Fisher gave up. Fisher's popped so he wanted to go to bed instead of trying again.
At least they had some fun with them, letting them fly in the air and fighting with them.
 Levi's method of stretching it out. It worked good too!
 Skylar wanted me to get a picture of her touching the ceiling with it while standing on a chair.
 Kadin using everything possible to hold all his twists together (shortly after I informed him he was following the instructions in the wrong order, that was he wouldn't need to hold so many together).
 My elephant! It's trunk is way too long but I think it's pretty good.
 I ran out of room too so it's back legs are too short. Haha! Oh wait, he's just sitting down.
Kadin's rabbit! He did a really good job. He got frustrated several times but stuck it out (with much encouragement).
 It looks really good to me! Kadin should make them at fairs.


  1. That's good for beginners.

  2. That's a fun little skill to have. Now that you have the skills, we are all gonna want to get animal balloons at EVERY party!

    1. Thanks mom, if people provide the balloons we'll do them!