Saturday, January 21, 2012

Morphine & Fentanyl Overdose


On Monday my 2 year old nephew Landon had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Here he is getting wheeled away in the wagon. They had him blow on the balloon to put him under.
This is after he was done. Landon was crying and screaming so the nurse gave him morphine and fentanyl.  Shortly after he fell asleep. His oxygen started dropping a little so they gave him oxygen.
 Then his oxygen started dropping more, 
here they are checking him.
 His oxygen was dropping so much they had to put an adult mask on him and put it as high as it would go. Well, his oxygen was still dropping too fast. A couple nurses came in and his oxygen was at 74. One nurse hit a button and a code blue was called overhead. Immediately about 15 people came rushing in. It dropped to 70 and they started doing all sorts of things to him. They gave him medicine called Narcan that's supposed to reverse what medicines have been given. Then a doctor comes in and starts asking what he'd been given. Then he told the nurses he wanted more coverage on him. The Narcan worked and he was breathing better. He had just gotten too relaxed by the morphine and fentanyl. When Tina told me this I thought it was crazy that he had that kind of reaction because Skylar had been given morphine too and didn't even fall asleep till hours later. Landon slept all day.
Well later that day someone came in and told them they felt they needed to tell them that while Landon was under anesthesia the Anesthesiologist gave him morphine and fentanyl. Well, then up on the floor the nurse who also gave him morphine and fentanyl asked a different anesthesiologist if she could give him morphine. Instead of either of them looking at his chart they just gave him more morphine and fentanyl! So, they overdosed him on morphine and fentanyl! 
 Here he is 9 pm hours later still loopy from the morphine.

Feeling a little better and loving his orange socks!

To make things better that night a new nurse was asking Tina if her baby (2 months old and nursing) was spending the night. Tina said that he was and the nurse said that he wasn't allowed, that no one under 18 is allowed to spend the night. Tina said, "well I'm not leaving him (pointing to Landon) and he (pointing to Mason...her baby) has to stay with me." The nurse said, "I'm sorry but that's policy, no one under 18 is allowed." Tina again said that she was staying with Landon and the baby had to stay with her. The nurse again said that that wasn't allowed and what was she going to do. Tina told her she wasn't leaving Landon after what happened to him and the baby was staying here so she'll have to make it happen. Then the nurse said, "you'll have to fill out some paper work then!" Tina said, "then bring out the paper work!" That night his oxygen would drop a little sometimes and not one nurse came in to check on him. During the day as soon as the monitor beeped someone was in there. She loved the day staff. He spent the night and went home the next morning.
So glad that wasn't my experience! SCARY!


  1. Thanks for saving all the familiy memories on here Kristi. I am just glad that Landon's experience turned out with him being okay.

  2. Kristi that is horrible what happened. I am so glad that Landon is doing okay. Poor baby. I am so furious about that nurse trying to tell Tina she couldn't stay with her 2 yr old because her nursing baby. I'm a nursing mom and that is just wrong. I am so happy that he is good.

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