Thursday, January 19, 2012


Kadin had his D.A.R.E graduation today. I've never been to one before and I have to admit there were a few times where I got teary eyed. Ok, I know that's not a surprise to anyone. Kadin was so excited to graduate from this wonderful program and I am very proud of him that he chose to join it and that he completed it. Way to go Kadin! I hope and pray that when the time comes and someone asks him to smoke, drink or do drugs or anything else bad that he'll have the courage to just say NO! He's made his mind up already that he will so I believe he'll follow through.
Officer Kris Johnson was the officer who came in I think weekly and taught them how and why to say no to drugs. Kadin learned a lot from him and I think he was a great influence on Kadin.
The Graduation Ceremony. We were asked not to clap until the end of each class, otherwise Kadin would have had lots of cheers.

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